TOMÁS TORRES, Water Division

Tomás Torres serves as Director of the Water Division, in EPA’s Paci c Southwest Region. The Water Division, in collaboration with states, tribes, and many stakeholders, is responsible for safeguarding drinking water in the Paci c Southwest and for restoring watersheds, oceans, and their aquatic ecosystems to protect human health and support economic and recreational activities. Tomás oversees effective implementation of our two major national water laws and effective implementation of those laws by states and tribes in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, and the outer Paci c Islands. Tomás has over twenty ve years of environmental management experience in the public and private sectors. Prior to joining the Water Division in October 2015, Tomás served as Director of EPA’s San Diego Border Of ce and was instrumental in the development and implementation of the two most recent U.S.-Mexico environmental protection agreements. Tomás has held various leadership positions in EPA’s Land and Superfund programs and has worked in the private sector to develop industrial capacity in the areas of air emissions reduction, pollution prevention, and health risk assessment. Tomás is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

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